Social Media Review: Ep 1. Keeping up With the Virtual Joneses

Posted: March 14, 2014 in WRI380

Social Media Review: Ep 1. Keeping up With the Virtual Joneses

The first entry in this podcast series, Keeping up With the Virtual Joneses explores some of the negative implications of social media such as Facebook envy, peer influence, and pressure to keep up. Stay tuned for more!

Show Notes:
0:00- 1: 10 Intro to Podcast and Social Media

1:10- 2:00 What can Social Media do for you

2:00- 2:45 What are some implications of using Social Media

2:45- 3:10 Social caste and ‘Keeping Up’ idiom

3:10- 3:40 Trying to Keep Up online

3:40- 4:15 Dangerous trends on Social Media

4:15- 4:40 Neknominations

4:40- 5:00 Outro

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  1. caffy91 says:

    I really like your topic, I feel that it is very relevant to the class, and to our culture as a whole. Your intro music is abrupt, but I think that is a good thing because it signals the listener that it is time to pay attention.

    I also like that you explained what the idiom “keeping up with the Joneses” meant because had you not, I would not have known because it is the first time I am hearing that particular phrase. Also, the portion where you mention how people prominence and popularity on social media has begun to affect how individuals view themselves.

    My one small criticism would be that your intro music is significantly louder than your speaking, unlike your outro music, which isn’t that much louder, so you might want to tone the volume down a little on that portion of your podcast.

  2. bhasinm says:

    This podcast is a nice foray into the implications of social media. I liked that the body of your podcast gives statistical information, such as the number of users of Facebook. You also employ logos in describing some of the examples of the impacts of social media. For example, the drinking game spreading across social media that killed five adolescents shows you’ve done some research and exploring. Most of your points are illustrated in this way, and you also make reference to scientific studies which provides your podcast with ethos. You also did well to balance to positives and negatives of social media. What stood out to me most was how the title of the episode, keeping up with the Joneses, was well explained and integrated into the podcast. I can relate to the experience of browsing social media and feeling envious of others. I wonder if you’ve felt this way before too. I look forward to hearing your personal connection to the issues that social media poses in upcoming episodes.

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