Podcast Beyond

Posted: January 31, 2014 in WRI380

Manu Gabble

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IGN.com [Podcast Beyond ep. 326] 
Podcast Beyond, Episode 326 (MP3) – 57 MB 

I decided to listen to this podcast because I frequent IGN.com at least once daily for the latest news on video games, movies, and other electronic media. However, I never gave much attention to the podcasting medium and had only listened to a couple minutes twice before returning to retrieving my information in bite-sized articles. 

The Podcast Beyond is an hour in length and focuses on the latest news from the video game industry. It’s a very niche podcast targeted to ‘hardcore gamers,’ but I found it to be enjoyable all the same. Off the bat, it’s an hour long and therefore probably best tailored to commuters with its radio/talk-show vibe. I particularly enjoyed how casual and conversational it is, complete with swearing, making it feel like a regular conversation over beers with friends. 

The Podcast Beyond shifts segments with transitional music. I found it funny that some of these were done aurally, instead of actually using sound clips as the hosts break out into music or song from time to time throughout, ultimately contributing to the very casual vibe. Being an hour long however, it isn’t something I would listen to regularly as the information presented is available in articles on the website than can be viewed one at a time in a minute or two, allowing me to choose only the ones that interest me. 

The casual feel of the podcast also has the hosts going on tangents about various things like the legalization of marijuana in Colorado (cue several jokes). So it’s a fun podcast that is best enjoyed if you love video games and the writers on IGN, but isn’t the most efficient way to absorb the latest information on the subject.


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