Time for Life

Posted: December 1, 2012 in Gentlemanly Affairs

Last night was mad real. Sunglasses and advil? No, not quite. I did happen to lose my phone though. And that really hurts. I mean, it’s one thing to lose your wallet. It’s only your identity and whatnot. But your phone? That’s a doozie. Phone’s are smarter than the people that wield them these days. RIP iPhone, hope you find yourself a good home (with the bastard who pocketed it and turned it off since).

And despite these unfortunate circumstances, I’m really not too bummed. Was it time for my iPhone to be lost? No. I was ‘a little’ drunk and resultantly careless, and shit happens. It’s gone. Boo hoo. Life goes on. There are more important things.

Today, I want to write a little bit about timing. Time is an interesting thing. It’s a man-made construct that governs our lives. And nowadays, we hardly ever have enough of it.  Between work and school and the hundred other commitments that engage us, we don’t have enough time for the people we love, let alone ourselves.


Do you control your time or does it control you?

And then there’s timing. Is the time right? Is this the sacred hour for which I have been waiting? No. The time is right when you want it to be. Stop reading this (but not actually) and take care of your shit!  Procrastination is like masturbation. It feels good at first, but in the end, you are just fucking yourself. So cut that out, wash your hands, and get to it.


Well, that about says it all. 

I’ve been meaning to get in better shape. I’ve been meaning to get my Smart Serve certification. I’ve been meaning to learn guitar. This list goes on. You, reader, have a similar to-do list. Let me guess, you just haven’t had the time. Or perhaps, the time hasn’t been right. Yep, I hear ya. MAKE the time.

I’m happy to announce:
a) I have started P90x (so sore). Perhaps I’ll post pictures of my progress in the near future for my female readership 😉 and review the program as a whole upon completion for whoever may be interested.

b) I purchased a ukulele. It’s a place to start so I can learn the ropes (or strings, rather). $30 at your local Long and McQuade. Lessons, free (the goodness of Youtube). And the looks of horror on the faces of your friends and family when you sing and play for them… PRICELESS.

c) I’ll get my Smart Serve soon (yeah yeah, I’ve heard that one before). No, seriously though. And I’ll stop talking to myself, now…

So what I’m trying to say in my elaborate way is: life is what you make of it. Just go out and do the things you mean to do because time doesn’t stop for ANYONE. And life is precious.

What have you been meaning to get to? Post it in the comments below and I’ll personally hold you to it. GO!


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