Real Recognize Real

Posted: November 20, 2012 in Gentlemanly Affairs, Real Recognize Real

When was the last time you did something simply out of the goodness of your heart? Would you have felt your actions were justified if you did not receive any recognition or some form of prize or reward? Unfortunately, we don’t see a whole lot of that type of selflessness anymore. I like to see the best in people, but realistically, it’s not usually a likely scenario.

That’s why I just want to take a moment today to recognize an upstanding member of the UTM community. This person operates online, where he or she receives compliments from UTM students via direct message to a Facebook profile appropriately named ‘UTM Compliments.’ These compliments are then delivered to their intended receiver anonymously.  As such, no one has any idea who this commendable being really is – that means no recognition or rewards, just spreading the love.

For example:

Gosh, UTM Compliments, don’t make me blush

And stuff like that warms my heart.  There are sweet messages about new students on there everyday. Don’t see one about your friends? Go on, click, submit, and make someone’s day. It’s that easy. The profile can be found here:

So being the gentleman that I am, I went on to post this on the UTM Compliments profile (I mean, how could we let the appreciator go unappreciated, right?):

Mind your manners

People that voluntarily make an effort for the betterment of others should be thanked. People that provide a public service should be thanked. I make it a habit to thank bus drivers, people that hold doors open for me, and other esteemed citizens.

But let’s not forget to thank our friends and family. All the people that put up with your nonsense on a regular basis, listen to your problems, give you advice (cause let’s face it, these days, everyone’s a psychologist), and love you. Let them know they are never taken for granted.

All the kids these days are running around recklessly yelling ‘YOLO.’  Take that in. I mean, REALLY take that in. You only live once. Leave an impact on the people around you. Live to be remembered.

“It’s not who are underneath, but what you do that defines you”

Oh, and if you need that to be an acronym to register, its LTBR. Rap song about it coming soon!
No, not actually.

As always, please comment, ladies and gentlemen. This isn’t a one way channel. Let me hear from the people!

Peace and love.


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